8 Tips For A Rainy Day

Published on 12/26/2022

It doesn’t matter whether you’re touring or commuting: if it rains, you’re in a bad mood. With these tips, you can defy the wet.

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8 Tips For A Rainy Day

Not bad weather

Totally trite and yet so true: there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes for the wrong activity. If you got wet, question your gear and equipment. Maybe your jacket needs to be re-impregnated, isn’t suitable for a heavy backpack or there are simply better jackets for cycling? Exception: If it really rains for days on tour, the moisture will seep through every crack at some point.

The umbrella

Underestimated outdoor gadget in rainy weather with better climate comfort than any jacket. And unlike a rain jacket, you simply leave the umbrella in front of the tent in the rain. The things in the tent stay dry. In mini tents, it even serves as a small apse.

Special bike rain gear

Overshoes, rain pants with reinforced seat and preformed knees, rain jacket with longer back and sleeves and no hood, a waterproof cover over the helmet: This is how you become a year-round cyclist and you can only do stop-and-go traffic and full trams even in drizzle smile.

Rubber bots for everyday use

Rubber boots are worn as a child and for gardening. Why only there? Rubber boots are 100% waterproof (as long as you don’t exceed the wading depth), look suitable for the city and, thanks to natural rubber, are no longer as stuffy as they were in childhood days. Try it!

Really wet or just a feeling

If the DWR finish has washed out, the outer fabric of your rainwear will become soaked. Breathability suffers and a cold, damp feeling forms on the skin. Your rain gear isn’t broken, it just needs to be re-impregnated.

Care and waterproofing

The rumor has long persisted that membrane clothing should never be washed. That’s wrong: Your sweat clogs the membrane and performance suffers. Maintain and waterproof your clothing regularly.

Drying and storage

A wet shirt and damp socks dry best in the warm wind. If this is missing, you can wear your things dry during moderate activities or, if necessary, sleep dry in your sleeping bag. You should then dry your equipment carefully at home, otherwise mildew and mildew will form.

The right attitude

In rainy weather there are several options: you can stay at home, you can go hiking and get annoyed by the rain or you are happy to get to know nature from a completely different, beautiful side. When the clouds hang low over the mountains, the paths are deserted and the air smells of rain – then the mountain world exudes a particularly mystical atmosphere. Now it’s just up to your own attitude whether you enjoy the magic of the rainy weather or just get annoyed about your wet shoes.